Time Tracer Ltd - Publishing


2nd Edition by Edwin Olima FCCA

ISBN 0-9543820-1-3


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By now you may be wondering what other benefits you could gain from buying and using the above book, rest assured that below are just a few of the many benefits that can be yours.

Clear understanding of accounts and accounting
The book shows you, in a completely transparent way, what a profit and loss account derives from and also what a balance sheet really means. After working through this book financial accounts will no longer be a mystery.

Know how accounting information is used
Know why financial information is needed and begin to understand the what makes the business world go round. This is an eye opener for non-accountants.

Keep your own accounting records for life
Easily learn how to keep your accounting records for life. Do this by practice on the sample business case. The records you produce will help you and/or your accountant prepare accounts for statutory and or taxation requirements.

Better Accounting information within the firm
With staff learning the essentials of accounting using a sample business case, the knowledge they gain will help in improving the flow of accounting information within a business, thus aiding good communication and effective management. 

Fast and efficient accounts training
The book provides fast training for accounts trainees in any business, thus resulting in better communication, understanding and higher efficiency. A few accounting books kept in the firm will ensure quick access to effective accounts training for your new trainees.

Get more out of your accountant or accounts department
Be able to understand and get the most from the accountant: Focused advice, reduced chargeable time and less aggravation year after year.

How accounting software can help you
An introduction to accounting software, how it mirrors manual record keeping and also how software will save you time. In addition, you can use the work pack in the book as practice material when learning how to use accounting software and check your trial balance from the software against the answer in the book.

Earn extra money at home or at work
Acquire accounting skill and trade in it. Time yourself and find out how many transactions you can process per minute. If you charge £0.50 per transaction and can process 1 transaction every two minutes you can earn £15.00 per hour which translates to turnover of £25,200 per year (working 35 hours per week for 48 weeks a year)! The faster you are, the higher your earnings per hour.

Study and master essentials of the double entry system of accounting
Understand the double entry system of accounting the easy way. See an intuitive presentation of debits and credits! Plus, study the full double entry accounting solution for the sample business, prepare your own double entry solution using the blank nominal ledger provided in the book and compare it to the complete solution in the book. This is excellent practice for double entry accounting!

Smooth your accounting career path
If you are starting a career in accountancy, this book will help you start that career clear headed. Do not spend years before you truly understand accounting - spend only 15 hours and make your career path easy ! You will study many advanced accounting books in your career progression, but this book above all accounting books will ensure that you can perform your accounting job with less stress and also increase your understanding of the cornerstone of all accounting thereby allowing you more time/energy to study the various subjects for your accounting qualification. 

Learn the standard method used to prepare an accounts working paper file
Learn the standard way of preparing and referencing an accounts working paper file if you work for a firm of accountants, or if you need to present a file of accounts schedules for your auditor or accountant.

Build your accounting or book-keeping practice with efficient employees
Accounting and bookkeeping firms whose employees and clients fully understand accounting basics are more efficient. Efficient firms lead to happy clients, happy clients lead to more clients.


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